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Cooper Mechanical Services offers comprehensive services for any residential or commercial property for over nine decades. Our technicians are reliable and help your home stay cool. Reliable air conditioning in a home is crucial in keeping your family comfortable. Our team at Cooper Mechanical Services are skilled and experienced technicians who know A/C systems from top to bottom and are always available for critical outages and tune-ups to stay prepared for the season. Our team of contractors can keep you and those living in your household comfortable while reducing the cost of energy and improving your HVAC system’s performance. 

Our team of residential AC contractors is committed to the health and safety of our clients and the environment. We now include Aprilaire MERV 11 Air Cleaners on every furnace and air handler we install. Our customers are happy to upgrade to a higher-quality air filter to receive even more filtration throughout their homes. Let Cooper Mechanical Services upgrade your HVAC system to remove the particles from the air from your systems.

Benefits of AC Repair Services

Nothing is worse than when the air conditioning breaks down on a hot summer day or when your house is filled with guests for the holidays. Reduce the likelihood of a system failure when you partner with Cooper Mechanical and our A/C repair and replacement services! Having a technician visit your home to do essential maintenance at the beginning of each season can save you from uncomfortable situations. A central air conditioner offers the most cost-effective and convenient way to cool and dehumidify your home. Residential air conditioning repairs include a thorough inspection before the course of action, which is based on experience and practice. Listed below are a few reasons why taking advantage of this type of service will make a tremendous difference in your household. 

  • Extends the HVAC systems performance
  • Purifies the air quality
  • Reduces the humidity occurring indoors
  • Upgrades
  • Increases the efficiency of the system
  • Improves the health and wellness of the people in the household
  • Clears out pests and dirt
  • Adds security protection
  • Eliminates the noise
  • Makes your life more comfortable

A central air conditioner cools the entire household, but it doesn’t have to send cold air to unoccupied rooms. You have the flexibility to close A/C vents in those areas to cool only those rooms that you want to. Doing so helps the unit run more efficiently and reduces the long-term costs associated with HVAC repairs.




Why Choose Cooper Mechanical Services for your Residential Air Conditioning Needs?

At Cooper Mechanical Services, we believe in providing reliable and effective services for your home. Are you searching the internet to find residential services and maintenance for your air conditioner? Contact our team at Cooper Mechanical Services to schedule an appointment today! Our service area includes the following areas of PA: 

  • Montgomery County
  • Bucks County

Our Residential A/C Services include:

  • Repairs
  • Replacements
  • Installations
  • Service
  • Tune-ups
  • Membership Plan
  • Smart Home
  • Air Quality
  • WiFi Thermostats

Peace of Mind for When the Unexpected Hits.

Cooper Mechanical Services offers our residential and commercial customers affordable maintenance & service plans to minimize the potential for critical calls. We’ll stay on top of your systems and you’ll receive discounts, savings, and priority booking and a dedicated tech!


Cooper Mechanical Services has the answers and expertise to tackle your project or fix your residential and commercial heating, cooling and plumbing issues.

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