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90-Year History

In the tradition of our founder, Guy M. Cooper, Sr., the mission of Cooper Mechanical Solutions is to consistently supply superior mechanical expertise and skilled labor for all of our construction and service customers including the highest quality HVAC, plumbing and fire protection installation and maintenance services.
cooper mechanical

Cooper Mechanical Services is an experienced and trustworthy solution provider—expertly repairing, maintaining, and installing residential and commercial heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and plumbing issues as well as fire protection solutions.

Cooper Mechanical

Cooper Mechanical Construction is a leading professional mechanical systems partner, installing HVAC, plumbing and fire protection solutions in new construction and renovated commercial and residential buildings.

cooper mechanical history

Ninety-years is a momentous lifetime for a company by any measure. Very few owner-operated enterprises survive for nine decades, let alone remain successful through the years without merging, being acquired or diversifying beyond recognition.

No doubt, Guy M. Cooper, Sr. would be proud of the advancements his original company has made—from household plumbing to a powerhouse provider with multiple construction and service lines. The core offering remains the same—dependable and honest quality mechanical services—but the scope of the business has evolved.

cooper mechanical history
cooper mechanical history
Committed to excellence since 1930!


  • 1930
    Residential plumbing company founded by Guy M. Cooper, Sr., owner/operator is started out of a basement in Abington, PA—juggling the business during two tours in the Navy Seabees
  • 1949
    Davisville Road location built and 2nd generation Guy M. Cooper, Jr. joins the company
  • 1973
    Company incorporated as Guy M. Cooper, Inc.
  • 1980
    David H. Cooper, 3rd generation joins the company and today leads Plumbing Construction
  • 1982
    Gary M. Cooper, 3rd generation, joins the company and today leads HVAC Construction
  • 1990
    Glenn M. Cooper, 3rd generation joins the company, and today leads Fire Protection Construction
  • 2004
    3rd generation Coopers transition to company leadership following the passing of Guy M. Cooper, Jr.
  • 2021

    Rebranded as Cooper Mechanical Solutions with Mechanical Construction and Mechanical Services divisions

    Currently managed by 3rd generation: Gary, Glenn and David

    Introduction of advanced capabilities to now offer HVAC, plumbing, and Fire Protection focused as Service and Construction offerings

    4th generation employees in the Company: Nicholas and David